Gaudí Council

An organisation for the promotion and dissemination of Gaudí’s work

The Council for the Promotion and Dissemination of the Work of Gaudí has arisen from a union of people’s firm resolve and efforts to watch out for and promote the architectural heritage which the great architect left us as his legacy.

The Council began to take shape with the Mataró Declaration, taking advantage of the 130th anniversary of Gaudí’s first work: the bleaching building of the Mataró Workers Cooperative. In this Declaration, cultural entities, professional associations and, quite particularly, the current managers of the works of Gaudí undertook to strive to preserve and promote his work and to act jointly in doing so.

The organisation, whose president is the Catalan Minister of Culture, is formed by the managers of the publicly and privately owned buildings of Gaudí and by entities and acknowledged experts on the architect’s work, together with officials of the Government of Catalonia.

Among the tasks which are entrusted to it, the Council is responsible for organising a network of the various works of Gaudí in Catalonia, facilitating their study, promoting visits to them, and fostering research on the architect’s life and work.

Accordingly, the Gaudí heritage now has the tool it was lacking to continue to enhance its well-deserved recognition and to fittingly share itself with the world.


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